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Take your career to the next level and invest in your future. Join us online to find out more about your postgraduate study options at the University of 堪培拉.

This is for anyone:

  • Wanting to boost their career opportunities and move up the ladder
  • Aspiring to become a subject matter expert
  • Thinking about making a career change
  • Without a professional degree, but with 5+ years of relevant professional experience looking to gain an academic qualification.

Webinar sessions are interactive, online based information sessions, designed so you can learn about your study options and get your questions answered from the comfort of wherever you may be.


There are currently no upcoming events scheduled.

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Past 研究生 events

Missed out on attending a webinar session? Don’t stress! View them here, at a time that suits you. You will just need to register to watch the recording.

事件的日期 Title of Webinar 链接
2019年12月5日 Your 研究生 Experience and Study Options at UC 现在看
2019年12月5日 Funding your 研究生 Study 现在看
2019年12月5日 The postgraduate admissions process explained 现在看
2019年12月5日 Why do a research degree? 现在看
2019年12月5日 Master of Architecture 现在看
2019年12月5日 Master of Arts in Creative and Cultural Futures 现在看
2019年12月5日 Master of Human Resource Management 现在看
2019年12月5日 Master of Professional Accounting 现在看
2019年12月5日 Master of Business Administration 现在看
2019年12月5日 Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) & Foreign Language Teaching (FLT) 现在看
2019年12月5日 Master of 教育 现在看
2019年12月5日 Graduate Certificate in Sports Analytics 现在看
2019年12月5日 Master of Public 健康 现在看
2019年12月5日 Master of Information Technology and Systems 现在看
2019年6月7日 研究生 courses in 教育 现在看
2019年6月7日 研究生 Business, Government & Law: Suite from 2020 现在看
二〇二〇年一月二十○日 Master of Optometry 现在看