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可以 4 2020

Canberra School of Politics, Economics & Society 研究 Seminar - Conspicuous Altruism and Online Public Goods – Evidence from the Ice Bucket Challenge

虚拟研究研讨会 缩放链接:// 抽象 我们研究的参与者在在线广告的行为医学研究到无法治愈的退行性疾病提高认识和资金。这种性质的亲社会行为提供公共物品。他们可以通过“纯”的冲动(私下有利于公共利益),或“不纯”动机(获得私人物品,例如,通过自我推销)驱动。利他动机显眼之间的张力可以通过与他们的心理状况和对事业的关心度估计对比在运动参与者的暴露水平进行检测。我们分析答复的452级UC的学生,谁参加了冰桶挑战的一项调查显示,社交媒体运动,这提高了科研亿$ 220到运动神经元疾病。高暴露个人比低暴露组更加明显自恋的空间,这是女性参与者之间的比较突出,但他们也更显得麻木不仁。我们的研究结果表明,虽然明显的利他主义者帮助提高运动的个人资料,其成功更多地依赖关键取决于谁实质上促成的低姿态球员的行为。 关于扬声器 Ben Freyens (PhD Economics, 2007, ANU) is Associate Professor of Economics at SchoPES, BGL的教师. His research interests include the law and labour economics of employment protection policy, the economics of optimal radio spectrum allocation, the measurement of inequality and poverty, of human and social capital, and of resilience in farming and disaster-affected communities. He has conducted research projects on optimal spectrum licensing and radio transmission technologies for the Australian Communications and Media Authority and participated in several Productivity Commission inquiries. His research has been published in leading economics journals such as Information Economics and Policy, Review of Economics and Statistics, The ILR Review, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Journal of Public Economic Theory, and Telecommunications 政策, and in a number of IEEE publications (engineering). In his earlier working life, he worked for 5 years as statistical expert for Eurostat, a Directorate-General of the European Commission.

09:30 - 11:00